Hi, my name is Pepijn Schoen

I'm a CTO and entrepreneur.

I really like cats, they are soft and fluffy. After working for a year at a coffee store, I am now a certified snob. My musical skills are unfortunately absent, but I compensate this with enthusiasm. I write poetry, sometimes, and ride my bicycle.

Enpal, Director Software Engineering

Berlin, 2022 - now

At Enpal, we are pursuing the dream of building the largest renewable community in Europe. Enpal finally simplifies providing solar energy: We rent out solar systems, electricity storage, and wall boxes at an all-inclusive rate, supplemented by a favorable green electricity tariff; all intelligently connected to form an integrated overall solution.

re.alto, CTO

Brussels, 2021 - 2022

Digitisation makes energy smarter, greener and more responsive to the demands of the world we live in. re.alto is accelerating the digital transition towards an efficient, low carbon future. re.alto is the leading provider of API solutions for the energy industry, connecting companies in a data-led energy economy.

Voya, CTO

Hamburg, 2017 - 2021

Voya is the first business travel service that both travelers and their companies love. We are building a chat-based business travel service, enabling busy travelers to book and manage their travel within seconds by sending a simple text message. Combining latest A.I. technologies with human intelligence allows us to provide our customers with the best and most responsive service. Companies love Voya for the incredibly easy on-boarding process, quick integration in accounting systems and easy implementation of guidelines and approval processes.

Triprebel, CTO

Hamburg, 2014 - 2017

Triprebel is a hotel booking platform with a twist. After selecting your favourite hotel, we keep monitoring the market prices and if anything changes, we claim the better rate for you and refund you any monetary difference. At Triprebel, I redesigned the software architecture, implemented the cloud infrastructure, designed ran product delivery processes, recruited the initial employees and helped shape our strategy.

Startupbootcamp, Entrepreneur in Residence

Amsterdam & London, 2014

Startupbootcamp is a three month business startup acceleration program that runs every six months for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses across Europe to get ready for funding, launching and scaling to European and global markets. As an Entrepreneur in Residence IT I was available to give hands-on support to the CTOs and software engineers, review systems and architecture, give talks on relevant topics and ensure business/tech prioritization and road-mapping went hand-in-hand.

Florian Stege

Florian Stege

CEO at Voya

Having built and managed Voya together with Pepijn for several years, I have found him to be one of the most entrepreneurial CTOs I have met so far. Being both product and business minded he steered the company towards a lean and stable architecture, allowing us to grow >100% YOY, raising several financing rounds and eventually exiting the company to Volkswagen.

Jenny Nafzger

Jenny Nafzger

Head of Product at Voya

Pepijn leads authentically, by example and with great empathy. He's been my direct manager at Voya and I've yet to find somebody I admire as much as a leader as I do Pepijn. He's been a driving influence on building the culture I came to cherish within the company – by actively listening, establishing transparency and leading with strong values.

Carlos Borges

Carlos Borges

CEO at Triprebel

Pepijn joined TripRebel in a very early stage and basically shaped the technology stack behind both B2C and B2B solutions we launched. His inquisitive & creative mind was always an asset when navigating through the important decisions an early stage startup needs to make in order to succeed.